Choose your pillow well

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The shape of the pillow: privilege the rectangle

The first criterion in which it is convenient to stop, the shape of the pillow. Although the most common are square, there are actually diverse and varied forms: rectangular, in the form of waves, or also in the form of a crossbar.

The crosspiece, pillow of very long tubular shape, is not recommended in general. Source of major cervical pain, only the flat most crossbars can eventually serve. The cylindrical crossbars, on the other hand, should be avoided: they induce a bad position to sleep, unnatural due to their important thickness.

The shape of the pillows to be privileged is revealed to be the rectangular shape. Although square shaped pillows are the standard, rectangular shapes are more adapted to accompany a good night’s sleep. This finding is due to the fact that this pillow type occupies less space than square ones, while it is wider. The head, in any movement of the user, will thus have more opportunities than staying on the pillow.

The pillows in the form of waves, on the other hand, are studied to avoid cervical pain as much as possible and are highly recommended. They are also called “ergonomic cervical pillows.

The composition of the pillows

Latex, polyester, feathers, wool and even spelled or bamboo, the materials that make up the pillows are particularly diversified. The properties of each one, as well as the comfort they seek, differ totally and therefore it suits the one that best suits you.

Polyester reveals to be the most common matter in commerce, but not necessarily the most recommended. More economical, polyester pillows can, however, be used for extra beds, provided they change frequently: every two years maximum.

Latex pillows are much stronger and offer incomparable support. In addition to being able to last easily up to 10 years or more, latex pillows have appreciable anti-mite and antibacterial properties.

The shape memory foam pillow manages to combine two indispensable qualities: flexibility and firmness at the same time. The shape memory pillow adapts smoothly to the user’s anatomy for maximum comfort while guaranteeing the cervical spine a perfectly adapted position. Buy side and stomach sleeper pillow now.