How to choose a good viscoelastic mattress

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Any viscoelastic mattress will be a good mattress due to the high performance of this material. But there are differences between high-end, mid-range and low-end.

For starters, although a viscoelastic mattress should last from 5 to 10 years, high-end ones will keep their properties in better condition until the end of this period, while low-end ones will lose them before. The durability of the mattress depends on the quality of the materials, not so much on the density of the same.

We offer the same quality of HR and Viscoelastic foam to all our models, from the most economical range of mattresses to high-end models. The difference lies in:

  • Treatments received by the materials: there are models with treatments such as the Outlast, which allows thermo regulating the mattress autonomously, offering cold when it is hot and vice versa. Others allow an improvement of the blood circulation and muscular recovery like the Bionic.
  • Intermediate layers: Intermediate layers allow mattresses to have some extra property. For example, mattresses with breath air technology provide a bed that facilitates ventilation. Not because of having more intermediate layers a mattress is better. The core is always the key. Think about it like this: If your core does not perspire, however much you put a layer to increase this property, your mattress will not breathe more.
  • Profiled: The foam and the viscoelastic can be outlined to achieve a better adaptation to the body. It is usually a big difference between the most standard and custom models since it offers a better adaptability and comfort feeling. On these occasions, the raw material is taken and retouched by shaping it to give it the form of reception of the body.
  • Different overlapping layers: In these cases, the core is made up of different layers that allow the user to feel an adaptation to the more adaptive bed. The first layers are softer and the last firmer. The welcome is total at all times.
  • The fabrics and the closure: Having a mattress with good fabrics is key to the sensations that we first have when lying down (the heat, the pleasant touch, the softness).

The mattress is very essential for our body. That’s why the best mattress for the money is said.