Which degree of hardness in mattress suits me?

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The degree of hardness depends on your sleeping position and your body type. Side sleepers should choose a model that is not too hard. On the other hand, abdominal and back sleepers may choose a firmer model but should avoid a softer model.

The same applies to heavier persons. These need more support and can, therefore, choose a more solid model. For lighter people, a slightly softer mattress is a good choice.

Which mattress helps against back pain?

Of course, we are not orthopedists, but sleep enthusiasts. But we know that the right orthopedic mattress can help to support the spine and relax the muscles. Mattresses made of memory foam or cold foam mattresses with 5 or 7 lying zones are regularly recommended. Click here for the best mattresses for back pain.

My partner is much heavier / lighter than me. Which mattress fits us?

If there are serious differences in terms of weight, body weight, sheep positions, you should think about two different mattresses, for example, in smaller sizes, such as 70 x 200 cm or 80 x 200 cm. If you bother the visitors, you can remove them with a mattress wedge. Even a mattress topper can solve the problem.

Which mattress fits me best?

Every human being is an individual with physical characteristics. That’s why there is no generally perfect mattress. Those who restlessly sleep need a different type of mattress than a person who has to deal with physical pain problems due to age. In people with high body weight, the mattress must have a different strength than in children. Therefore, mattresses are made of different materials to meet human individuality and preferences.

Cold foam mattress the right choice?

In the production of a cold foam mattress, the base material is foamed without external heat. The necessary heat of 120o C is generated solely by a reaction within the synthetic material.

The mattress can adapt to the body with different elastic foam patterns. Thus, from an orthopedic point of view, it is recommended for people who suffer from back problems, joint problems or are very restless.

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